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Increase efficiency while mitigating repurchase risk
School is about to start, and it’s time to learn the NEW Three R’s: Reduce Repurchase Risk. Repurchase demands are an ongoing risk for mortgage lenders of all sizes, and increased scrutiny of both performing and non-performing loans by the GSEs has only further elevated the need for thorough attention to quality control. Equifax offers a complete range of data-driven solutions to assist you with your post-close quality assurance programs in order to satisfy investor “reps and warranties” and safeguard against costly buybacks.

  • Mitigate risk of repurchase by ensuring all post-close QC sample loans have been underwritten in a consistent manner

  • Streamline your process by using a single-solution provider for all loan-related data—credit, income, assets, employment, property, etc.

  • Leverage unique data sources within our solution-set, such as The Work Number® for more efficient employment/income verifications and Property Value Estimator™ for minimizing repurchase risk due to appraisal fraud or inaccuracies.

Start streamlining your QC process today
If you’re missing Verbal Verification of Employment (VVOEs) at closing or having difficulty providing documentation that clearly substantiates income, get ready for "new school" solutions! Request more information from an Equifax representative and learn how you can start streamlining your QC process. 




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