Expert Solutions for Borrower Transparency
Equifax offers mortgage lenders an in-depth view of consumer credit, capacity and collateral for better transparency into the financial activity of your borrowers. By providing flexible, comprehensive solutions that combine data, analytics, technology, and consulting, Equifax partners with you to reveal new insights that will enable your organization to make sound business decisions with more confidence. Whether you’re seeking to grow your business, better mitigate your organization’s risk exposure or comply with regulatory standards, Equifax provides expert knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.

Credit >> Liabilities & Debt

  • Superior risk and fraud mitigation via Undisclosed Debt Monitoring™ –  our proprietary platform that continuously monitors the loan “quiet period,” providing
    daily alerts of a borrower’s credit activity that may represent potential risk

Capacity >> Employment, Income & Identity

  • A comprehensive solution for employment and income verification, featuring
    The Work Number®
  • Efficient, cost-effective access to tax transcripts from the industry leader in
    4506-T fulfillment
  • Fully automated account verification, with electronic bank statement delivery
    and monitoring 
  • Instant delivery of SSN Match, Death Match, OFAC and Address History reports
    for efficient identity verification

Collateral >> Equity, Wealth & Assets

  • One of the most accurate automated valuation models in the industry,
    AVM Insight™, which  offers a new level of insight into the collateral risk on your balance sheets
  • A clear view into borrower capacity via Equifax Enhanced DTI™, which is based
    on debt and income that is specific to your mortgage portfolio type
  • Predictive scoring that is based on a consumer’s estimated ability to pay financial obligations via Ability to Pay Index™ 


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