Best-in-class valuations… validated

All automated valuation models (AVMs) are the same, right? Not really. Many have their own fulfillment platforms and proprietary confidence scores, making it time-consuming and costly to compare valuations from different vendors in order to determine which is the most accurate for a given property or area.

Collateral Value Connector™ processes automated valuations from multiple vendors and selects the best performing model using a “cascade” arrangement, helping you:

What’s more, when you combine Collateral Value Connector with an independent evaluation of the property’s condition, such as our Property Condition Report™, you have a cost-effective alternative to appraisals and broker price opinions that helps to facilitate the underwriting of home equity loans and lines under $250,000.

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Validation from an independent, third-party

Unlike other providers in the industry, the accuracy of our cascade process is assessed by Southwest Financial Services, an independent, third-party vendor that utilizes a wide range of exhaustive testing criteria – ensuring our solution is properly calibrated and returns the most accurate valuation possible for a given subject property.

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