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Reviewing every application for potential identity theft can be cumbersome and expensive, especially when sifting through pages of data to understand the real threats versus false positives that can slow down the process and negatively impact a borrower’s experience.  And we all know that happy borrowers drive repeat business.

Automate your Red Flags review to speed up your process

Equifax ComplyID™ Red Flag and ID Validation Services can help you build a faster, more seamless origination process by automatically verifying, validating, and resolving identity discrepancies to help you:

  • Instantly detect 264 credit report red flags and identity discrepancies across 13 different alert and warning categories
  • Quickly investigate identity discrepancies and red flag conditions
  • Resolve and eliminate operational bottlenecks
  • Support in-house identity theft prevention initiatives
  • Customize your detection and resolution options
  • Produce a detailed audit trail

Get it all in one market-leading consumer credit report

ComplyID™ is available exclusively on our Credit*Hi-Lite™ report—our flagship tri-merge credit report that gives you unprecedented insight from all three major credit reporting agencies. You get a deeper, more current understanding of a borrower’s credit capacity, credibility and collateral to help you make sound risk and regulatory decisions throughout the entire mortgage life cycle.

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