In an ever-changing mortgage market, you need to close as many of your mortgage loan opportunities as possible. And it’s important to communicate with applicants in an effort to help them understand what could potentially impact their credit score so they may become more viable candidates for a loan.

Well now, turning those applicants into more closed loans can be a lot easier. The CreditXpert® suite empowers you to help applicants understand potential impacts to their credit. 

Credit Assure™ automatically scans your applicant’s credit files and alerts you of the potential score impacts right on the credit report.

CreditXpert Essentials™ determines the best actions your applicants might take to potentially maximize their credit score.

Introducing a whole new What-If Simulator™
We’ve rolled out CreditXpert’s completely redesigned What-If Simulator, which allows you to see how an applicant's credit might change if certain actions are taken (e.g. paying down balances). This huge update streamlines and modernizes your whole experience.
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