Consumer-level data linked to LPS McDash
loan-level data for improved risk management

In an economic environment marked by unprecedented levels of unemployment, delinquency and default, investors need to understand the value of underlying assets and borrower capacity to resolve debts. Equifax is proud to introduce Credit Risk Insight™Servicing – the only analytical solution in the market that combines anonymous consumer credit data with LPS McDash loan-level mortgage data for deeper insight into the changing credit health of borrowers, which can impact portfolio value.

  • Create accurate scenarios of future delinquencies, defaults, loss severities and prepayments
  • Benchmark loans against one another to proactively create risk management strategies and create distinct loan “cohorts” to manage agency risk
  • Monitor changes in collateral health to determine institutional risk
  • Gain better insight into borrower behavior regarding prepayment with
    pre-origination and post-termination data

  • Review and evaluate the underlying borrower and co-borrower's credit


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Major players in the mortgage capital and secondary markets are now coming to Equifax for a deeper insight into mortgage loan credit risk. We empower MBS, ABS and whole loan investors to more accurately predict default and prepayment with leading indicators of performance that give you clear insight into
up-to-date borrower and property value information. For details about our solutions , request more information from one of our experts today.