Thank you for your interest in CreditXpert®. You can access these online tools through Equifax and take a more consultative approach to improve your applicants’ lending experience.

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Credit Assure™ alerts you to opportunities and how big they are. Running in the background, scanning all your files, and utilizing proven optimization technology, Credit Assure automatically presents findings on every file. You don't need to spend time scouring credit reports — Credit Assure alerts you upfront.

Know the score
CreditXpert Essentials™ looks for the most cost-effective plan to help consumers better understand their credit during the loan application process.  It includes a detailed analysis that breaks down an applicant's credit and identifies the top positive and negative factors that impact it. Armed with this information, you can focus on what is important and avoid disrupting what is already working.

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CreditXpert What-If Simulator™ presents the potential score impact of various simulated changes.  It analyzes an applicant’s credit data and allows you to see what could happen to an applicant’s credit score under certain scenarios (e.g., paying down balances).
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